Our Mission

Be the most customer-centric company that provides best-in-class end-to-end technical solutions. LogicalStreet wants to be the go-to organization for both customers and talent.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is centered on collaborating with our clients to support their growth and delivering value for money by being the most customer-focused company. We are dedicated to ensuring that our services not only bring financial benefits to our clients but also establish us as trusted technical partners on their journey to excellence. Our client-centric approach not only benefits our business partners but also our team, by fostering unique and innovative ideas through a culture that values individual expertise and encourages personal passion for innovation and commitment to operational excellence, ultimately providing a fulfilling work environment where our team members can thrive and be respected for their contributions.


Brain Behind LogicalStreet


Mayurkumar Patel

Software Architect and Engineer

Mayurkumar is a Software Architect and an Engineer whose passion is to challenge real-world problems using technology. He has lent his expertise to great organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Balance It, Zipcar, Gobble, Fitard, and more. He excels in Agile Project Management, Designing & Architecture of Software, and leads his teams to transform ideas into real products. He is also an ace at setting up the Modern Cloud Infrastructure and maintaining the same.

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Rajnik Radadiya

Sr. Software Engineer

Rajnik is an expert Ruby On Rails developer with many years of experience with a track record in software services and products. Rajnik has acquired a unique skill set by working with organizations like Roepa, Uphance and many more. He is competent in Object Oriented languages like Ruby, Python, and Java, Databases like Postgres, MySql, MongoDB, and Redis, and Frontend Technologies like React, Angular, and Vue.


They Trusted Us

What Clients Say About Us

We are a US-based industry leader in the veterinary technology sector that has worked with LogicalStreet since 2019. LogicalStreet Technology Pvt. Ltd. has successfully & creatively fixed hundreds of platform-related technical challenges in a timely and communicative way.
Their contracted Software Engineers have seamlessly integrated with our team and are very client-oriented and innovative. They have a continuous improvement mentality and think outside the box. A key advantage we have found engaging LogicalStreet is that they are a "one-stop shop" for various services under one roof - like RoR, AWS (various services), ReactJs, etc. They help relieve our technical development pressure, freeing up time for us to better focus on further business growth and development. Their reasonable, skilled & seasoned experts have been seen by us as an asset and competitive advantage.

Sean Delaney


We take pride in being ‘a complete apparel management software to handle all your business needs.’ And our power source for all this and more is LogicalStreet as our go-to software solution company. They gave us a Centralised Software Solution wherein clients can manage their inventory, sales, stock, finance, etc from just one website across various e-commerce platforms. From a project management standpoint, the team is quite well-organized, but even our internal stakeholders are especially moved by the team's commitment and responsiveness. LogicalStreet has very qualified professionals, who follow stringent rules attached to e-commerce. And it has been a great association with them. The best part about them is having very easy access to the team, anytime, especially in tricky issues, which they handle very fast, deftly, and very patiently at that.

Venkat Koripalli


We are Geneva, Switzerland-based company, selling industrial printers. LogicalStreet has been our Digital Solutions provider, as well as created a CMS for us to integrate all processes in one place. It helped us automate our workflow right from procuring various products to their sales, client,-purchase, financial management, and more. LogicalStreet has an edge over others because they not just provide you with what the business needs or just a team of dedicated staff, but they also provide you from time to time new ideas, strategies, etc. to help the business grow beyond the box. In short, they go a mile extra.

Horst Roesinger


We are a California-based player in the ready-to-eat food industry. We engaged with LogicalStreet to find a software solution for our back office operations management as well as food order management system. We must say that LS not only provided us with the latest technology but also helped multiply our business by providing us a customized solution that guaranteed smooth operation as per what we needed. What we liked the best about them was that if we shared some technical issues with them, which were not even official engagements, they helped us sail off the problem many times.

Chris Woodford


We couldn't be happier with LS's exceptional technology and customer service. They seamlessly integrated a secure software solution linking our sales to cryptocurrency, meeting global standards. Their team of visionary ideators, innovative developers, and skilled engineers provided us with unique tech solutions that exceeded our expectations. They understood our business needs and tailored their technology to meet those needs perfectly. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any questions and provide support. We highly recommend LS for their exceptional technology and customer service.



We are a player in the water-related equipment….a small player at that but never made to feel so by LogicalStreet. Our web app development etc was undertaken by them and it is our pleasure to recommend them to anyone who needs a software solution in future. They have a highly professional team of developers and engineers who are quite comprehensive and competent throughout the process of creating any web solution. The way they have made us feel secure and valued, despite being a startup, we would surely be looking towards future engagements whenever needed again.

John Huston


We are a Mexico-based company that works in tandem with the Mexican Govt. One can book trucks for Home and Cargo transportation from us. And for this, we have a very user-friendly App, which helps you get a truck of the exact size you need, by filling in some simple details. And this is all thanks to LogicalStreet who helped us not only visualize a better idea than us but also gave us bespoke services. What touched our hearts was when we ran out of money, they didn't stop working. Rather, they provided us with an excellently functional App, at a very basic price! We were really overwhelmed by getting such support which is very uncommon. And would surely recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking for a heart-to-heart team player in this fast-moving world.

Joel Osmar Garcia Vazquez


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