Logical street


We are the “most client-centric company” with a strategically positioned team to provide exceptional user experiences to address shifting demands with new technologies.

Brain Behind  LogicalStreet

Mayurkumar Patel


Mayurkumar is a Software Architect and an Engineer whose passion is to challenge real-world problems using technology. He has lent his expertise to great organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Balance IT, Zipcar, Gobble, Fitard, and more. He excels in Agile Project Management, Designing & Architecture of Software, and leads his teams to transform ideas into real products. He is also an ace at setting up the Modern Cloud Infrastructure and maintaining the same.

Rajnik Radadiya


Rajnik is an expert Ruby On Rails developer with many years of experience with a track record in software services and products. Rajnik has acquired a unique skill set by working with organizations like Roepa, Uphance and many more. He is competent in Object Oriented languages like Ruby, Python, and Java, Databases like Postgres, MySql, MongoDB, and Redis, and Frontend Technologies like React, Angular, and Vue.

LS Team

LogicalStreet is a blend of forward-thinking IT business professionals from many cultures that share similar corporate principles but with one overarching goal: “Client satisfaction and Bonding Is Our Main Aim.”

Each LogicalStreet Mate firmly in being the “most client-centric.” No wonder, our team’s support keeps us inspired to remain fervently devoted to your achievement at all times through their passion for invention and intense dedication to operational excellence.
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Kishan Upadhyay

Head of Client Relations

Mittal Patel

Head of HR

Gopi Ramani

Marketing Manager

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