Logical street



Our strength is in our people. They have that bright spark of passion for invention, and commitment to operational excellence. Thus, their achievement, contentment, and happiness are extremely important to us. We respect each other’s uniqueness and viewpoints.


Thus, life at LogicalStreet is a celebration of your individuality beyond your work. At LogicalStreet we stand for Learn & Succeed. We are the second name of an all-inclusive culture, be it your ethnicity, your culture, or your gender – we are a big team that celebrates not just festivals but also personal events and life together!

Events, Celebrations, Functions, Festivals and Much More!

At LogicalStreet, we believe in enjoying each and every moment of life. We are enjoying freedom of speech, expressions, emotions, thoughts and most importantly sharing fun. Therefore, our life at LS is full of hustle- bustle, collisions and recreation at all level of personal and professional aspects.