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Utilize the 25+ skilled Ruby on Rails experts to upgrade your project to the most recent standard calibration in order to increase Ruby App performance to the maximum extent. Additionally, we make sure that nothing hinders the performance of your RoR app.

To increase the performance of your Ruby App, our Rails engineers may upgrade your code to the most recent stable versions of Ruby and Rails. Additionally, it might fix compatibility problems as well as security problems. Our Ruby on Rails engineers will update your application on a distinct code branch in accordance with the planned Rails upgrade strategy. Hiring a developer from LogicalStreet will ensure that your Ruby on Rails project is kept up to date, and we guarantee that you won’t look back.

Our Process


Code Review

By looking at your application’s current code, we may first acquire a general understanding of it. Following the conclusion of our first examination, we identify any crucial areas that, in our opinion, should be addressed before moving forward with a full framework update.


Meet the Development Team

You will meet our developers and hire our team to address the issues that have been discovered. A free interaction helps both the client as well as a team to upgrade a globally competent upgrade action plan.


Get an Upgrade Plan

In this next phase, we will provide you with an upgrade plan, and an estimate of the time and money necessary for us to take care of it.


Project Kickoff

Team LogicalStreet will begin updating your application software to the most recent Rails and Ruby versions after any significant issues or your queries have been resolved. In short, the project kicks off once both parties are on the same page.

Our Offerings

Upgrade Rails Version

Ruby is a flexible language, while Rails is a quick-changing framework. Regular releases remove legacy code and include new features along with further bug fixes and security updates. Maintaining your framework enables your team to take advantage of new features, contemporary best practices, and to increase productivity and efficiency. And LogicalStreet RoR developers assist you in doing this and more. For a thorough, customized strategy, please contact us.

Upgrade Ruby Version

We usually advise upgrading both the Ruby and RoR versions individually for RoR. Why? Because of the additional security levels added, your web application will not only be more dynamic but will also provide both consumer- and enterprise-focused apps with more layers of protection.

Enhance Test Coverage

Each customer at The LogicalStreet receives a customized and reliable test suite. An effective test suite may help you determine whether your application is functioning as it did prior to upgrades, and it can also uncover errors in the update before your users do.

Database Modification

You may update your database by changing the schema and achieving table expansion with the aid of our RoR Upgrade services. To make sure the procedure is carried out properly, we assess the migration and track changes to the database structure.

Talk with experts

Cutting-edge technology is only a few steps away. We would be happy to assist you in your efforts to succeed on the digital front. Come and let’s explore how we can advance your company as a wholesome business solution. Our experts are one call away!


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Front End

Why LogicalStreet?

With custom software development services being our core area of expertise, we can help your business to reach its full potential with our application solutions. We provide best-in-class end-to-end software development solutions from the idea stage to the product stage. We helped more than 15 of our happy clients to implement, enhance and maintain their technological solutions. Our culture is all about continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things cost-effectively, and increasing quality to help our clients not only build a great product but grow their businesses.

Case Studies

Balance It

Balance It is the global leader in pet food formulation software based in Northern California. Highlights: FDA-compliant veterinary approval system in Rails, overhaul of 100 GB+ legacy SQL database, leveraging many AWS solutions to improve performance and stability…


Roepa is a major player in the graphics industry for used-printing and paper-converting equipment for more than 50 years. Roepa had tremendous offline business through their factories. They want to expand their reach using technology. LogicalStreet team helped Roepa to build…


Gobble is a san francisco bay area startup started in 2010. Gobble is a weekly dinner kit delivery service that helps busy people cook dinner in just 15 minutes thanks to already prepped ingredients. Gobble combines the convenience of takeout with the health, satisfaction…

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    The single page app could take just a few weeks, while a big and multi-functional web application could take several months or even years to build.

    Some popular platforms like Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel and many more but it depends on the specific requirements of the project.

    Various types of web applications you can develop including e-commerce websites, CMS, PMS, social networking sites, CRM systems, news and magazine websites, etc.