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LogicalStreet is a mobile app development firm that specializes in creating completely functioning, reliable, and scalable online apps. We create unique mobile applications utilizing the best technology stacks to support your business goals and help you have a very competitive edge above others

Our ultimate objective is to create for you high-quality mobile apps that make the most of available resources at a reasonable price. Our mobile application development services encompass design, programming, testing, support, and maintenance. Additionally, you may get help from our knowledgeable mobile app developers with technological advice, web architecture migration, and modernizing outdated architectures.

Our Process


Requirement Analysis

Effectively meeting unique project needs and exceeding expectations by thoroughly analyzing requirements and designing a solution.


UI/UX Designs

Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to meet customer needs and align with business goals for a professional and seamless mobile app experience.


QA & Optimization

Ensuring quality through comprehensive testing during each phase of mobile app development and utilizing performance insights for future optimization.


Consulting & Strategy

Developing solutions, mockups and proof of concepts based on customer needs, while involving target audience feedback for consistent improvements.


Consulting & Strategy

Creating a roadmap, selecting the right technology, and conducting market research to deliver a high-performing mobile app aligned with the strategy.


Engineering & Delivery

A sustainable mobile app will be developed by carefully considering the front-end, back-end, server technologies, and APIs, and delivered on time.


Support and Deployment

Monitoring app performance using mobile analytics, identifying KPIs to measure success, and regularly managing crash and user reports.

Mobile App Development Technology

iOS App Development​

To satisfy your company’s demands, do you want to proceed with a really useful and unique iOS app development? Your next-generation iPhone/iOS app, designed using cutting-edge technology, should be launched at LogicalStreet.


As the top iPhone app development firm, we make it a priority to create fully functional, feature-rich iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad that improve startups’ operations and businesses in general. Get in touch with us right away to discuss your needs as a business, and we’ll provide some inventive and custom iOS app solutions.

Android App Development

By hiring us, you gain extra benefits over your rivals in addition to expanding your customer base and income. Using hybrid coding like Python, RoR, React Native, Flutter, and more, our engineers cater to a unique portfolio of global clients. Our bespoke services are proficient in native programming and we go one step beyond when it comes to providing businesses and startups with excellent and innovative Android application development solutions.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform apps mean that they work on different operating systems as well as several platforms with equal ease. For instance, an app that works both on iOS and Android devices. Our multi-platform mobile technology professionals create high-performing cross-platform apps as a leading cross-platform mobile app development agency that offers exceptional conversions and engagement across platforms, gadgets, sectors, and consumers.

Our Offerings

Native Mobile App Development

Native applications are those apps that are expressly created and built in accordance with a certain platform, allowing the usage of hardware and software that are native to a given device. Without impairing other features, native software may make use of tools that are unique to a certain OS. LogicalStreet is a native application development company that offers the top mobile user interfaces to expand your company’s market reach. Designing and creating native applications for Android, iOS, and other platform mobile devices is one of our Native Apps Development services. Android and iOS development services are included in our native services.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

In addition to utilizing native app features and functionality, hybrid application development helps enterprises and developers move toward the acceptance of HTML5 mobile app development. A hybrid app is essentially native software with most or all of its user interface running in an integrated web component. We are a well-known hybrid app development firm that provides startups and corporations with specialized hybrid application development services. We are able to develop robust hybrid mobile apps that connect with the audience and increase ROI because of our years of expertise.

Mobile UX and UI Design

By guaranteeing mobile app design and code integrity and using a comprehensive product development process, LogicalStreet is renowned for developing a solid UX/UI development process. The design system’s components may be used to various product components and even to various projects.

Mobile App QA and Testing

When it comes to the calibre of software testing, we turn our customers’ anxiety into assurance. We provide the finest quality control goods on the market in this manner. Even with changes, we can guarantee consistent product performance by using the correct performance testing methodology. We compare the performance of your app to the best in the business. By assessing how well your application works on mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems, we can guarantee its success.

Maintenance and Support

Application extension and/or modification, bug fixing, and the development of add-on solutions are all possible components of application maintenance and support services. LogicalStreet offers application transfer, maintenance, and support as all included support in our applications management service.

Talk with experts

Cutting-edge technology is only a few steps away. We would be happy to assist you in your efforts to succeed on the digital front. Come and let’s explore how we can advance your company as a wholesome business solution. Our experts are one call away!


Back End

Front End

Why LogicalStreet?

With custom software development services being our core area of expertise, we can help your business to reach its full potential with our application solutions. We provide best-in-class end-to-end software development solutions from the idea stage to the product stage. We helped more than 15 of our happy clients to implement, enhance and maintain their technological solutions. Our culture is all about continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things cost-effectively, and increasing quality to help our clients not only build a great product but grow their businesses.

Case Studies

Balance It

Balance It is the global leader in pet food formulation software based in Northern California. Highlights: FDA-compliant veterinary approval system in Rails, overhaul of 100 GB+ legacy SQL database, leveraging many AWS solutions to improve performance and stability…


Roepa is a major player in the graphics industry for used-printing and paper-converting equipment for more than 50 years. Roepa had tremendous offline business through their factories. They want to expand their reach using technology. LogicalStreet team helped Roepa to build…


Gobble is a san francisco bay area startup started in 2010. Gobble is a weekly dinner kit delivery service that helps busy people cook dinner in just 15 minutes thanks to already prepped ingredients. Gobble combines the convenience of takeout with the health, satisfaction…

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    The single page app could take just a few weeks, while a big and multi-functional web application could take several months or even years to build.

    Some popular platforms like Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel and many more but it depends on the specific requirements of the project.

    Various types of web applications you can develop including e-commerce websites, CMS, PMS, social networking sites, CRM systems, news and magazine websites, etc.